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The Smart AI Mouse is an unique and innovative mouse design with the latest in AI technology. This makes it easy for voice commands to type text, search the internet and even translate automatically. No longer do you need to type with two fingers,  All of these functions are now available in one single device: Smart Mouse

The Smart Mouse connects to your device through Bluetooth. A dongle for this is included with the mouse. Smart Mouse also works well with PC or Mac and with any application needing data input.

As with all voice recognition devices such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assist, etc, the mouse needs to adapt to the voice. So some editing may be necessary initially  But The Smart Mouse is capable of typing up to 400 words a minute. Even with some editing, this greatly enhances productivity. 

The Smart Mouse is manufactured in conjunction with a large Asian manufacturer whose app is used for the installation of the Smart Mouse (one time only)

Applications The value of this technology is increasing constantly. News reporters, medical notes,  company meetings, international correspondence, quick data searches, etc.

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